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In the saunas and the humid rooms steam dominates: you’ll find it in different forms.
It’ll make you sweat a lot, but the results will be those of purification and profound wellness.

We offer the benefits of the heat in a Finnish sauna and a softer one of a bio-sauna.
The Finnish sauna is an excellence sauna: high temperatures are reached inside of it, combined with the right percentage of humidity.
The bio-sauna is a mitigated version of the traditional sauna: the humidity and temperature are lower, and the wellness is increased with perfume essences. It’s ideal for all who prefer a more moderate heat in regards to that of the Finnish sauna.

Humid rooms
More steam, but with the Turkish bath and the Laconicum you’ll be transported from the Arabic world into the roman world.

The Turkish bath, which is connected to the oriental tradition, is distinguished for its high percentage of humidity. It relaxes by engulfing you in a real cloud of steam. The temperatures are lower in respect to those of the sauna and purification is achieved with longer stays in the bath.

The Laconicumcarries on the antique Roman thermal tradition. In the three rooms that the Roman spa was composed of, the Laconicum represented the final and hottest room. Even nowadays this room is warmed up with dry hot air of a high temperature that allows an intense sweating and therefore an effective detox of the body.

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